Whitefield Trails Committee




A group of Whitefield citizens who enjoy getting outdoors has developed and maintain a network of three hiking trails within our town. They work in partnership with the Midcoast Conservancy which holds easements on the properties. For trail descriptions and maps, go to:




Happy Farm River Trail http://www.midcoastconservancy.org/preserve/sheepscot-valley/happy-farm-trail-whitefield-trails-committee/




Marr’s Ridge Trail http://www.midcoastconservancy.org/preserve/sheepscot-valley/marrs-ridge-trail-whitefield-trails-committee/




Sheepscot West Branch Trail, http://www.midcoastconservancy.org/preserve/sheepscot-valley/whitefield-salmon-preserve/




If you are interested in joining the Trails Committee, please contact David Elliott, [email protected].