RFP for a Grid-tied Municipal Solar Installation

The Town of Whitefield is soliciting proposals for the design, purchase pricing, and installation of a grid-tied photovoltaic solar installation on the town sand and salt shed located on Balltown Lane in Whitefield. This installation is to be engineered to provide most of the town’s electrical needs not currently met with existing solar. Current annual usage is approximately 10,000 kWh; proposal should consider upgrades necessary to existing 100A service in the sand shed.

Proposal should include a list of all proposed equipment and warranty period for each.

A site visit will be required. Please contact Seth Bolduc at (207) 619-0311 prior to August 13, 2024 to arrange a site visit.

Proposals can be submitted to:

“Solar Installation Proposal”

Town of Whitefield

36 Townhouse Road

Whitefield, Maine 04353


The Town must receive proposals no later than 3:00 PM on Tuesday, August 13, 2024. Proposals will be opened that evening at the Select Board meeting at 6pm.

The Town of Whitefield will evaluate all proposals on the basis of estimated cost, professional qualifications, equipment and methods, references and other relevant information. The Town reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or to further negotiate with any party.