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Click here for the upcoming agenda for the next select board meeting and other announcements on Facebook

Would you like to have an impact on your taxes? We are looking for people to serve on the town’s budget committee. The budget committee meets one day a week for an hour or two during the month of January. This is a great way to volunteer in Whitefield without a tremendous time commitment. For more information contact Administrative Assistant Aaron Miller at 549-5175 or email whitefield@roadrunner.com


Meeting Notice
Coopers Mills Dam Committee

Thursday, December 10, 6:30 p.m.

Whitefield Fire and Rescue Station




There is a group of concerned citizens in town who are spearheading an effort to assist Whitefield seniors. Its aim is to help people remain in their homes independently as long as possible.
Needs might include help getting to appointments, or the grocery store, or town events, etc.
We are looking for volunteers to provide these services as well as folks who need them.
Below is a list of those currently in the group who have committed help when possible:

Wes Keep - 549-3635 kphenranch@roadrunner.com
Avery Dunn - 549-3000 storehouse@roadrunner.com
Sister Juanita Robichaud 549-3945 juanitapfm@aol.com
Al & Nancy Legere 549-5543 MaineLegeres@gmail.com
Marie Patfoort 549-7358 None
Rosemary Sanborn 549-6035 krsanborn@roadrunner.com



Click here for the December Edition of the Whitefield News Letter

Welcome to the website for the Town of Whitefield, Maine. We have added several new areas such as an event calendar, newsletter and more. Here you will find current affairs, events, news, historical information and much more. Click on the tabs above to get information about:

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We will be adding to this site continually so check back with us often!!!