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Whitefield Development Ordinace Document

The Planning Board concluded our final draft of amendments to the Whitefield Development Ordinance on September 17, and it was posted to the town website and printed copies were made available for the public to inspect at the Town Office. The purpose of these amendments, as we explained at Town Meeting last March, is to correct certain legal defects in the existing ordinance, to set specific standards for mineral extraction/gravel mining, and to add definitions. The Town has posted legal notices of a public hearing to be held at 7:00 pm on Monday, October 6 in the Whitefield Fire Station meeting room, at which time public comments will be heard and discussed. 

We urge all residents of Whitefield to read the document and to come to the hearing with any questions or concerns they may have about it. Our intent is to have the amended Development Ordinance voted up or down on Election Day, November 4 by secret ballot. If we judge that the public response at the October 6 hearing requires us to revise our draft, we will do so and hold a second public hearing a week later. The final version of the proposed, amended Ordinance will be posted 7 days before Election Day.
Jim Torbert, Chair


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