Election Information

Results for the Town of Whitefield, regarding the November 3rd, 2020 General Elections are as follows:  

President and Vice President

688- Biden, Joseph

6-     De La Fuente, Roque "Rocky"

14-   Hawkins, Howard

18-   Jorgensen, Jo

753- Trump, Donald

12- Blank

United States Senator

839- Collins, Susan Margaret

514- Gideon, Sara I

32-  Linn, Max Patrick

96-  Savage, lisa

10- Blank

Representative to Congress (District 1)

754- Allen, Jay T.

709- Pingree, Chellie M.

28-  Blank

State Senator (District 13)

745- Dow, Dana L.

716- Maxmin, Chloe S

1- Ober, Abraham J. (Declared Write In)

29- Blank

Representative to the Legislature (District 88)

757- Hamilton, Christopher C.

681- Lemelin, Michael H.

53-  Blank

Judge of Probate

557 Avantaggio, William Munsell

757- Burbank, Meegan J.

177- Blank

County Commissioner (District 3)

1105 Trescot, Mary R.

386 - Blank

Results for Town Elections held July 14th, 2020 are as follows:

Select Board (3 year term)

Charlene Donahue winner with 421 votes

Bill McKeen winner with 408 votes

Planning Board

Kristin Margaret Smith Mason with 494 votes

Road Commissioner

David Boynton with 499 votes

RSU #12 School Board (1 year term)

Suzanne E. Balbo with 66 votes

RSU 12 Ballot, count for WHITEFIELD ONLY

Question #1 School Budget: 429 yes, 146 no

Question #2 Adult Ed Program: 381 yes, 188 no

"Voting is the foundation stone for political action" - Martin Luther King Jr

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  • Maine Town & City Clerks Association & The  Maine Municipal Association have teamed up and created a website dedicated to recruiting election workers. CLICK HERE to check it out!

Click on "Election Results" below to see the local results for the Primary Vote held 3/3/2020.

Election Results

Voting Location

Central Fire Station

              24 Townhouse Road

Whitefield, ME 04353


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