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Policies & Ordinances


Barking Dog Ordinance 3.20.2010

Building Development Ordinance 3.18.2023

Cable Television Ordinance 3.6.2018

Cemetery Ordinance

Control of Public Areas Ordinance


Fire Rescue Ordinance

Floodplain Management Ordinance 3.19.2016

Junkyard Ordinance 11.6.2018

Local Food Sovereignty Ordinance 3.16.2019

Manufactured House Ordinance

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility Licensing Ordinance - Approved 3.19.22

Moratorium Ordinance Regarding Commercial or Community Solar Energy Facilities Approved 6.21.2022

Parking Ordinance 10.29.2001

Re-Establishment of Board of Appeals Ordinance 6.11.2019

Re-Establishment of Whitefield Planning Board 3.16.2019

Restricted Vehicle Weight On Posted Ways Ordinance 4.27.2021

Septage and Residuals Ordinance 3.17.2001

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance 8.7.1994

Subdivision Ordinance

Wireless Communications Ordinance 3.20.2004


Permit Fees set by Select Board 5.23.23



Base Lot and Improvements Assessment Policy 7.3.2012

Boston Post Cane Guidelines 5.8.2012

Code of Ethics Policy 8.16.22

Combining Parcels of Land Policy 8.20.2013

Committees Policy 5.28.2019

Culvert Policy 9.18.2006

Dishonored Check Policy 2.23.2021

Disposition of Tax Acquired Property Policy 4.13.2021

Drugs and Alcohol Policy 

Fire and Rescue Station Use Policy 4.10.2012

Harassment & Sexual Harassment Policy 2.28.2011

Internal Control Policy 2.12.2019

Junkyard Policy 5.22.2018

Notary Policy 12.18.2012

Online Operating Guidelines - Terms of Service & Privacy Policy 5.26.2020

Permanent Funds Policy 8.29.2017

Personnel Policy Amended 9.12.2023

Purchasing Policy 10.12.2021

Remote and Hybrid Meeting Policy 11.23.2021

Road Acceptance Policy

Road Name Policy 6.26.2018

Social Media Policy 4.21.2015

Treasurers Disbursement Policy 3.28.2023