New Plate May 1, 2025

New Plate Issuance & Reserve Process


Beginning May 1, 2025, Those who currently have plates with the “Chickadee design” will be required to obtain new plates when they renew the registration or obtain a new registration. You will have the option of choosing the new “Pine Tree Plate” (plate with the blue star and pine tree) OR the new “No Tree Plate” (plate with no star and no tree).

Registrants that currently have a chickadee vanity plate, low digit, OR like the number of their current chickadee plate, may reserve their plate number/lettering for a fee of $25. See reservation process below:

Registrants that have a chickadee plate that is NOT a PC (meaning Commercial, Antique, Disabled, etc.) will only have the option of the plate with the star and tree.

Plate Reservations:

Beginning June 3, 2024, registrants who would like to keep their current chickadee plate numbers may reserve their plate number for a $25 one-time fee. This includes people with vanity, low digit, and National Guard (PC class code) plates. Registrants also may reserve if they simply like their current plate number.

  • Class codes that can be reserved are: AQ, BU, CM, CO, CV, DX, FM, HC, LS, MH, NT, PC, SE, SR, TT and TX. Non-chickadee plates will not have the option to reserve.
  • The NT plate class can only be reserved if the registrant has a PC plate currently. No other plate classes have the option to select the NT plate class.
  • Tractor plates (TR) may only be reserved through the manual application process (MV-62).

There are four ways registrants may reserve their plate(s).

  1. Online through the stand-alone reservation portal, (
  2. Through a reservation process as part of the Rapid Renewal website.
  3. At a branch location.
  4. By mailing the Application to Reserve a Plate Number (MV-62) (which can be obtained at your Town Office or at Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registrations ( to the Administrative Office.

Registrants may email any plate reserving questions to [email protected]  or call BMV at 624-9000 Ext. 52149 

You also have an to option of choosing a “Specialty Plate” for an additional yearly fee if you do not like the new plates. (Sportsman, Agriculture, Breast Cancer, etc)

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us here at the Town Office at 549-5175 during regular business hours.